About Cogculture

I love to ride bikes. Mountain, Road – it doesn’t matter. I’ve even been known to hop on a cruiser or two. There’s nothing particularly unique about me and my riding, which I guess is why I am doing this.

I live in the suburbs, and I bike. I have a 9 to 5 job, and I bike. I have a family, and I bike. I struggle to get out on the weekends to ride, and most often my wife and family don’t understand this obsession. They don’t get why I love the ride, why I spend my days fantasizing about upgrading my rides, watching grand tours on TV (and on the Web), and why I spend my week thinking about my weekend rides.

It’s the life of a suburban cyclist – I don’t commute by bike, nor do I have the ability to get out during the week. So I live for those short moments when I can hop on my bike and reset my brain.

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